Our Story

A cast of over 150 youth will depict, with dance and music, the journey of the Utah Pioneers. Witness for yourself an epic struggles and celebrations of of the pioneer trek West and their attempt to settle the untamed valleys of Utah. 

Sitting under the canopy of stars you will witness wagons, hand-carts, live animals, music, special guests, and one of the largest firework displays in southern Utah. This production, held at Eccels Coliseum with the vast mountains as the backdrop, will display the beauty of Cedar City much as it was seen by the settlers as they first entered the valley.

For the first time, the story of the original inhabitants of Utah is told, conveying the history of all of Utah’s settlers, such as Catholic missionary colonizers; Greek and Italian pioneers; the Chinese, Jewish, and Mormon settlers; as well as the Native Americans. You will see the hard work, attacks, death, and sorrow, however, it will be overcome by the comradeship, celebrations, Indian dances, and fireworks throughout the show. 



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Youth Production Director / Technical Director

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Vance Smith

Joe Callister

Justin Osmond

Merrill Osmond

Kenten Pope

Ann & Greg Powell

Caroleen & Allan Lee

Brandon Burke

Roice Nelson

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Mike Evans

The History of the Pioneer Production

As a result of his love of children, and the joy they bring to his heart, Merrill Osmond began creating the Youth Pioneer Production in the late 1980’s. After writing every line and song with the help of Sam Cardon and Cliff Maag, Merrill was delighted to have the first “Youth Pioneer Pageant” performed in his hometown of Draper, Utah with over 12,000 in attendance in 1987. The fireworks display at the end of the pageant was known as the largest in the Salt Lake valley, and since then, it has been performed for tens of thousands of attendees throughout the country.

In July 2012, Merrill Osmond and the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund brought the annual Youth Pioneer Production to West Jordan, Utah. The re-birth of Merrill’s production was met with an amazing reception throughout the three-day event. Hundreds of local children danced and sang in front of an estimated crowd of 15,000. The most spectacular firework finale ended each of the three-night performances, resulting in the largest firework show West Jordan has ever seen.

Proceeds from the Pioneer Production benefit local deaf and hard-of-hearing children with the gift of hearing through the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. Currently, the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund has provided more than $200,000 worth of hearing aids and services to deaf children all across the state of Utah.